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Shop for art on-line at: where you can shop our various stores, use our unique search engine to find exactly what you want, see the artwork you like in your room, have something made just for you as commissioned art, list artwork for sale as a collector of art or artist, and/or purchase a gift certificate you can give as a gift for someone special who can go on line and use the gift certificate to select their own art for their home or office.

Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center

Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center is a 501 (C) (3) non profit corporation. We offer workshops, seminars and classes to artists, kids and adults. For more information go to our website at: or contact our Educational Coordinator: Marge Essel at 510-548-2617 You can also call the gallery at 510-644-4930 and leave a message.

You can support the ed center by giving a tax deductible donation or by shopping for things you need on line at All funds from this source go to support the educational center.

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Commissioned Art and Rental Gallery

Just in time for the Holidays, Expressions Galley is pleased to be able to offer commissioned artwork by its artists. Expressions has over 100 artists from whom to choose who can do this for you. We offer unique personalized art for you or you business in the following areas:

  1. Portraits in oil, pastel, acrylic, ink drawings of you, your family and of Corporate Presidents or CEOs for your business.
  2.  Real estate drawings of homes interior or exterior.
  3. Pet portraits and pet jewelry.
  4. Photography for weddings, special events, portraits.
  5. Murals for interior or exterior walls.
  6. Custom sized prints of Cetacean Art (Whale made art from the sounds of    whales printed on canvas, aluminum, or archival paper.
  7. Still lifes of items dear to your heart painted just for you, your loved one or your business.
  8. Personalized greeting cards.
  9.  Silk and dried floral art for your lobby, restaurant, office or home –lasts, looks real and does not shed or cast pollens. Perfect for restaurants, doctors offices, and public buildings. Unique holiday wreaths and centerpieces that can be custom designed for use year after year.
  10.  Custom made bracelets with pictures of your family, pets, or favorite images.
  11.  Weaving of rugs, wall hangings, scarves and blankets to your specification of color, style and size.
  12. Custom designed high fashion fiber art jackets in your size.
  13. Stained glass modern or traditional for your home or business.
  14. Sculpted Fountains for your gardens or for larger commercial ventures.
  15. Custom Jewelry.
  16. Neon Light Art
  17. Custom Lamps
  18. Interior design and color consultation for your home or business.
  19. You name it, we’ll help you find the artist who can do it.
The Process
Call us at 510-644-4930 or e-mail us at with your intitial request. We will invite you to the gallery and show you work from different artists who do the kind artwork for which you are looking. We will then arrange a meeting between you and the selected artist and develop a contract for the work and the time frame and we will receive from you a deposit of 50%. You will get a sketch of the proposed project to approve before the final art piece is done.

Rental Gallery

Many of our artists are willing to rent their artwork for home or realestate staging purposes. Come visit our gallery and select pieces for rent. We rent for a 3 month period up to 6 months after which you may apply the rental to the purchase price or return the art.  

Restaurants, commercial building mangers with front lobbies and Stagers appreciate our floral art rental program. We change the arrangements for you once a month so that the work does not become stale and we make seasonal and holiday arrangements. Costs less than purchasing fresh flowers each week and is healthier (no pollens) and less messy (no droppings, bugs or rot).




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